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Your Access to the BSS

Dear scientist,

Thank you for your interest in our survey.

The following link will take you to the online questionnaire:

The BSS is a longitudinal online survey of scientists within the Berlin metropolitan area. The focus is on changes in the research culture at the science location Berlin. The multi-topic survey includes aspects of research integrity, collaborations, knowledge transfer, and open science. The survey forms the core of the BUA-funded project “Berlin Research Landscape”, which is based at the Robert K. Merton Center. Here, the project also serves as research accompanying the measures initiated by the BUA. For this purpose, the project provides indicators that, together with data from other data sources, are incorporated into a comprehensive monitoring of changes within the Berlin metropolitan area.

The Berlin Science Survey claims to be representative, i.e. the aim is for scientists to be represented in the survey as adequately as possible according to status groups, disciplines and research institutions. It is therefore necessary to reach all status groups and disciplines. For this reason, the survey is carried out as a full survey at the institutions and uses communication channels through which all scientists can be reached – usually a mailing via existing e-mail distribution lists.

Have fun filling out the survey!

Your Berlin Science Survey Team!