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Reasons to Participate

Dear scientist,

Are you still wondering whether to participate in our survey? We think you should, and this is why:

The only way to make sure all disciplines and all research institutions are sufficiently represented is to have a large number of participants. This representation, in turn, will benefit your own discipline. Our goal is to gather comprehensive information on the research cultures of the different disciplines. We would like to learn from you what research quality means in your discipline and how this is promoted through your research practices. We would also like to make visible any areas of tension between research imperatives and any conflicts with research practices or research quality. We believe that political governance of science can only succeed by including the views of scientists – and only if the divergences between the disciplines are brought into focus. 

Take the opportunity to represent your discipline by contributing your own research experience.

The Berlin Science Survey is part of Objective 3 of the Berlin University Alliance and is conducted by the Robert K. Merton Center of the Humboldt University of Berlin. Since the BSS functions as research accompanying the BUA measures, it is designed as a longitudinal survey. The baseline survey will start in November 2021, with further surveys to follow annually. If you give us your consent to participate in the future surveys, we will of course be happy to invite you to the follow-up surveys as well. Be part of the ongoing study, too, so you can feed your personal experiences into the BUA's continuous measures. It is only through regular participation in our study that we can track trends and trajectories in the changing research practices of different disciplinary cultures and potential conflicts that may arise as a result. Science research, universities and politics will benefit from these findings – and not least you as a scientist.

Even if you have taken a seemingly unusual path during your scientific career, your participation is very important, because only through the broadest possible participation can we build up a complete picture of the Berlin research area. This also applies if you have only come to Berlin for a short time or plan to leave Berlin again soon.

By the way, you can keep up to date with our survey results: regularly updated survey results are here available.

Your Berlin Science Survey Team